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Island Hoping

Experience the magical beauty of Langkawi’s stunning archipelago with an unforgettable island hopping adventure! Surrounded by many breathtaking islands, save precious holiday time and money by choosing to embark on your island hopping journey at Resorts World Langkawi’s private marina. The islands that are typically visited including:

    1. Island of the Pregnant Maiden
    2. Singa Besar Island
    3. Beras Basah Island

Cable Car & Gunung Matcincang

A must try when you are at Langkawi. Take in the breathtaking view of Langkawi island as the cable car leaves the Oriental Village. There are a host of little shops catering to your fancy whilst you wait your turn for the ride. The journey spans 2.2 kilometers, 600m above sea level, during which you’ll get to see the crystal clear waters of Langkawi and its sandy white beaches in the distance. The panoramic view also offers a breathtaking view beyond the island. You can even spot the massive Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls from a distance.

Gunung Matcinchang was believed to have been a giant, known as Matcinchang, who was cursed and turned into a mountain. Fables aside, this mountain is testimony to the oldest geology found in Malaysia. It consists of 450 million year-old metamorphosed rock, around which a unique ecological habitat has developed over the centuries.

Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)

This is probably the most significant landmark of Kuah town and also an important one for the whole of Langkawi. This is a manmade square where youwill find a 12-meter tall statue of a reddish brown eagle about to take a flightand facing the water. It stands as an emblem to Langkawi as the meaning ofLangkawi itself is reddish brown eagle. The square is a wonderful place tosoak in the view of the water area with boats passing by and mountains at adistance.

Lagenda Park

This is a wonderful park spanning across 50-acres of land and has beautifullush gardens, numerous fruits trees and flower beds. The name comes fromthe fact that it has several sections that depict the stories of island legendsthrough many monuments and structures, and hence this park is like a gardenmuseum. Other than parkland, it also has several pools, and a manmadebeach plus great picnic areas.

Al Hana Mosque

This is a beautiful Islamic shrine and the largest in Langkawi. The building issurrounded by tall trees of the adjoining CHOGM park. The mosque was builtin 1959 and opened by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia. Decorativedesigns and carvings from Uzbekistan had been brought in during constructionof this mosque. It is marked by a large golden dome on top. All are welcome toenter the premises of the mosque and offer prayers.