Guidelines for Participants & Session Chairs



    • The Program and Presentation Schedules are available in this website. Kindly check your presentation slot. All participants have 15 minutes to present their papers and another 5 minutes for questions and answers.
    • All physical presenters are required to prepare a presentation slide and submit it to this link.
    • Please prepare your presentation slide by using PowerPoint and embed for any video in the slide.
    • Filename: Save your slide file as {session}-{paper number}-{presenter last name}.ppt (example: 1-1-1-Ali.ppt as in the conference program).
    • Deadline for slide submission: 11 October 2023
    • Please be informed that there will be Best Presentation Awards evaluated based on your presentation.



      • The Program and Presentation Schedules are available in this website. Kindly check your presentation slot.
      • To access the online presentation session, please click the provided link in the program schedule in this website during the event days.
      • All online presenters are required to record their video presentation (pre-recorded video) and then upload the pre-recorded video (in MP4 format) on EDAS.
      • The pre-recorded video will be played during the conference parallel sessions and followed by live questions and answers, where authors are required to stand-by on the online meeting platform to answer any questions posted by the audience.
      • The duration of the video presentation is strictly not more than 15 minutes.
      • Please show your face via webcam and display your slides as you talk in recording the video presentation.
      • Filename: Save your video file as {session}-{paper number}-{presenter last name}.MP4 (example: 1-1-1-Ali.MP4 as in the conference program).
      • Deadline for video submission: 11 October 2023
      • Instruction of video submission:
          • First, log onto EDAS and click on your accepted paper.
          • Go to the menu “Presentation” and upload the file. The “Presentation” menu is located as shown on the figure below:
          • Click on the “Upload” icon (blue colour cloud with arrow pointing up). From there, follow the instructions to upload your video presentation.
      • The virtual background to be used in the online presentation can be downloaded from this link.



      • Introduce the session, and then each author/paper-title before playing the pre-recorded video. Be sure please to respect the schedule (15 min video + 5 min Q/A).
      • Take chat questions from conversation/Q&A window during the presentation.
      • Read the questions to the presenting author during the Q&A period with absolutely no delay on the allocated Q&A slots.
      • Conclude the session and check attendance.
      • Make sure the time is not violated (very important!!!)
      • A computer is provided with Webex already installed and operational.
      • Conferencing, online and in-person can be exhausting. We need to take breaks. We will take breaks. Breaks are built-in to the presentation schedule.
      • Stand up and stretch, get a snack, come back refreshed.